Before you begin

All integrations with third-party peripherals and software outside of the regular WebDX operating experience require the use of the RHR desktop app.

What can I do with hardware/software X?

I don't have any special hardware or software.

I have a FlexRadio Maestro.

I have the free FlexRadio SmartSDR software.

I have an Elecraft K3, K3/0, or K3/0-Mini.

I have an RHR DXmate or RemoteHams ORB.

I have an iOS or Android phone or tablet.

I have a logging program.

I have a program for digital modes.

I have a Microbit RemoteRig.

  • Sorry - RemoteRig support is being phased out.

What hardware/software X do I need to accomplish task Y?

I want to operate without installing any software or hardware.

I want to operate without spending money on additional hardware or software.

I want to operate digital modes.

I want my logging program to track the radio.

I want to send CW from my logging program.

I want to send CW with a keyboard or macros.

I want to send CW with a key or paddle.

I want to tune around with a real VFO knob.

I want to operate a contest.