The radio is not showing up in the chooser when I connect

  • Connect to the station with the RHR desktop app – a regular browser will not work
  • Ensure the PC or Maestro is on the same local network (LAN) as the RHR desktop app
    • If using the Maestro over Wi-Fi, check that it is connected to your Wi-Fi network
    • Restrictive network environments – like public Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, or corporate intranets – may block the RHR desktop app.
  • Allow the RHR app through the Windows Defender Firewall

I cannot stay connected to a station

  • Internet bandwidth may be insufficient
    • Slow down the panadapter and waterfall rate
    • Remove unused slices and panadapters
    • Connect your PC or Maestro directly to the network with a cable, instead of using Wi-Fi
    • Stop video streams to other devices on your network – Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.