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Do I need the app?

If you are operating WebDX, you can always just use a browser.

If you want additional features, the desktop app is required for integration with the following:

  • SmartSDR, CAT, and DAX
  • FlexRadio Maestro
  • Local logging programs (e.g. N1MM)
  • Elecraft K3/0 or DXmate

Why is the app necessary?

The internet is a scary place. Modern web browsers like Chrome and Safari load each web page in a "sandbox" that has very limited access to your computer's resources - you wouldn't want some random web site accessing your files or scanning your network.

For RHR to access the hardware and software that you're using on your own PC and network, we need to get around this limitation. Hence, the need for this app. It loads the same web console that you know and love, but adds an additional layer of functionality to interface directly with your network and serial devices.