We welcome new members who meet ALL the following requirements:

  1. Have an FCC-issued amateur radio callsign in the United States

    💡 In other words, your callsign must begin with A, K, N, or W


  2. Have a license rating of Technician, Advanced, General, or Extra


Unfortunately, we cannot accept members who:

  • Do not have a U.S. callsign


What if I currently live outside the U.S., but I have a U.S. callsign beginning with A, K, N, or W?

Congrats! You may sign up for RHR and operate using your U.S. callsign.


What if I have a license from a country that has CEPT reciprocity with the U.S.?

Sorry, but we do not accept members who do not have a U.S. callsign.