About subscriptions

The subscription gains you access to a set of the stations on the network. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you choose to not renew.

Subscriptions do not include any airtime, although brand new users receive a one-time credit as a thank-you for becoming a new customer.


⬆︎ Upgrading subscriptions

You may upgrade to a higher-priced subscription at any point in the middle of that subscription period. The new subscription will be prorated by the remaining time on the existing subscription. See below for an example of how upgrade pricing works.


⬇︎ Downgrading subscriptions

You cannot directly downgrade a subscription, but there is a process to downgrade: signing up at a lower rate. Simply set your existing subscription to not renew, wait for the expiration day to pass, then sign back up at a lower price.


About monthly airtime usage

Once per month, all connections from past month are tallied up and you are automatically charged the amount that is due.

The airtime accrued during the month can be viewed at any time from your account page. It is updated in real-time.

You can also receive daily or weekly statement e-mails to keep an eye on your airtime balance. See the Account profile preferences in your account to change the frequency of statements.


Example 1: A new RemoteDX subscription

  • September 2 — Percy Maxim, W1AW, signs up for a new yearly RemoteDX subscription.

His credit card is charged $99 for one year of access to RemoteDX stations.

His account receives a one-time airtime credit of $10, which will be automatically deducted from future monthly bills.

His subscription will automatically renew on September 2 of next year, unless he opts out.


  • October 2 — Percy has gotten on the air and accrued $32 of airtime.

Percy's credit card is charged $(\$32 - \$10)=\$22$ for his outstanding airtime balance.


  • November 2 — Percy has accrued $40 of usage in the past month.

He has no credit remaining, so his card is charged $40.


… and so on, on every 2nd of the month, until …


  • September 2, the following year — Percy has opted to not renew his plan.

          His RemoteDX subscription expires, and he loses station access.

          He is charged one last time for the previous month's airtime.


Sometime in the future — Percy wants to get back on the air.

       He logs into his account and begins a new subscription at any time.

       No bonus credit is applied, since he was already an existing user.


Example 2: Upgrading from RemoteDX to PremiumDX

September 2 — Percy Maxim, W1AW, signs up for a new yearly RemoteDX subscription.

His credit card is charged $99 for one year of access to RemoteDX stations.


… he operates for a while, until …


March 2, the following year — Percy decides to upgrade to PremiumDX.

He still has 6 months remaining on his RemoteDX subscription, so he is credited $(\$99\times\frac{6}{12})=\$49.50$ towards the new subscription.

His card is charged $(\$999 - \$49.5) = \$949.41$ and his new subscription expires one year from now, on March 2.



Does my subscription include recurring airtime credit?

None of the subscriptions currently offered include a recurring monthly credit of airtime.

For brand new users who are signing up for the first time, a one-time credit is available. It is applied only once and does not repeat at any interval.


Do I need to maintain a balance to operate?

No, you do not need to "top off" your account in order to stay on the air. You will be billed once per month for the previous month's airtime.


Can I pay my bill manually?

Cards are charged automatically once per month, on the due date shown in your account. There is no option to make this monthly payment manually.

To increase visibility into your airtime balance and avoid surprises, go to your Account profile preferences and opt-in to daily statement e-mails.


Do I need to keep a payment method on file?

Yes, your account should have a credit card or PayPal account on file.

Payment information is stored and processed by Braintree, a PayPal company. No payment information ever passes through – or is stored on – RHR servers.


How can I close out my account?

If you wish to close out your account to prevent future charges, you may simply remove your payment method. The following actions will be taken:

  1. Any unpaid balance due to previously-failed payments will be charged.
  2. Any unbilled monthly airtime will be charged.
  3. Your subscription will be set to no longer automatically renew.

If all of the above succeed, then your payment method will be removed from your account, and you will no longer be charged for any fees or airtime. You can always log back in to your account to sign back up at any time.


Are there any additional fees or penalties?

There are no hidden fees or penalties. You are charged only for the airtime you have used.


Can I purchase airtime credit ahead of time?

We no longer offer the purchase of bulk airtime credit.

If you wish to reserve a station for a contest (for example, 24 or 48 hours), see Contest Pricing for details on discounted rates.


Do you offer free trials?

We no longer offer free trials.