CW with Writelog on a Remote Ham Radio Flex Radio

Send & Receive CW with Keyboard and/or Macros Decode CW using Writelog's builtin decoderRon N6EE May 6, 2020


One time only preparation:

  1. Install latest RHR App: ""

  2. Install latest Flex Drivers: "SmartSDR_v3.1.12_Installer.exe" or current RHR supported version.

  3. Install "WlFlexDriver1241B.exe" (get latest Flex driver from Writelog Downloads)

  4. Open Writelog Sound Mixer: "WlogSbControlW6.exe" (comes with Writelog)

Set: xmit(s) from PC = "DAX RESERVED AUDIO RX 1 (FlexRa"

rec(s) to PC = "DAX Audio RX1 (FlexRadio Syste"


ℹ️ Each time you use radio:

  1. Open RHR App - shortcut on desktop

  2. Drop down "Stations" and click on one with Flex - then "CONNECT"

  3. In RHR App, Mic = DAX RESERVED AUDIO TX(FlexRadio Systems DAX TX)

Speaker = Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) select your default speaker

  1. Open CAT - shortcut on Desktop - select station & Connect

Should see: C, Serial COM13, Slice A (May be different for you) C. TCP:Port 5002, Slice A

W, Virtual Winkeyer, Serial: COM10 (May be different for you)

  1. Open DAX - shortcut on Desktop - select Station & Connect - 1, Slice A

  2. Open Writeloga. Ports > COM13 = Flex6000 Series, 38400, Comm PTT=YES b. Ports > COM10 = CW, K1EL Winkeyc. Open Window CW Decoder if desired