USB Headsets

Logitech H390 USB Headset

This inexpensive USB headset is an RHR staple. We've been using them for years, and they are reliable, cheap, and consistently get great audio reports on the air.


Radio Peripherals

FlexRadio Maestro

Operate FlexRadio stations with touchscreen controls, buttons, and knobs. Or, utilize SmartControl to gain a great VFO for operating with WebDX.

FlexRadio FlexControl USB Tuning Knob

Spin around the bands with this standalone tuning knob.

Elecraft K3/0-Mini

Operate remote Elecraft and FlexRadio stations with Elecraft's remote head. It features buttons galore, a real VFO, and the warm glow of an orange LCD display.

ℹ️ The RemoteRig interface box is not needed - just the K3/0-Mini, a USB cable, and the RHR Desktop App is all you need.


⚠️ We no longer support RemoteRig interfaces for Elecraft station control.

⚠️ We no longer sell the DXmate and will be phasing it out for a better CW solution.