Getting Set Up

1. Create a New Logbook

In the top-left logger panel, click the logbook menu (default is "General") and then "New Logbook..." and enter the details.

After saving, return to the console and select the logbook from the menu.

2. Select the WPX Mode

At the top-right of the logger panel is the new menu for selecting the mode. By default it is set to "DXing". Click it, and select "WPX SSB Single Op".

3. Operate!

All you need to do is enter callsigns and serial numbers as you receive them! Your transmitted serial number will automatically increment as you operate.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Tab or Spacebar to toggle between fields
  • Enter to log it
  • Backtick/Tilde (next to the 1 key) to wipe the fields without logging
  • F1-F5 to trigger phone macros, or hold Shift+F1-F5 to automatically repeat - record phone macros under Console Settings
  • Esc to stop phone macros

Individual logger subpanels can be hidden by clicking on the subpanel's title. Additionally, the map can be hidden by clicking the [•••] button next to the antenna controls.

If you make a mistake, the Log toolbox at the very bottom of the screen will show your recent contacts. Click on the contact, then "Quick Edit" to make the changes.

4. Export Your Log

When the contest is complete, expand the Options panel at the very bottom to download the Cabrillo log file. After downloading, open it in your favorite text editor and complete the details of your operation before submitting to CQWW.

More Info

This is the very first contest with this complete cloud-based contesting experience. It is not yet battle-tested! There may be bumps along the way, so please leave feedback if you have any problems or would like to request features or changes.