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  •  In January 2021, existing RHR accounts were migrated away from Freshbooks and into a new, more advanced billing system that has been custom-built for RHR.


  • Instead of issuing Freshbooks invoices and requiring you to manually enter payment information, we now ask for your payment information one time in the RHR console, and then keep it on file for any future charges.


  • Payments are securely stored and processed by Braintree – a PayPal company. Credit card numbers and PayPal passwords do not pass through RHR servers.


  • Manage every aspect of your account in one place. Subscribe, upgrade, or cancel at any time. Browse through your complete usage and billing history.


You can expect some changes to…

🔄 Subscriptions


  • Received an invoice on your renewal date, and manually entered your payment information to renew your subscription.
  • Contacted RHR support if you want to cancel at that time.


  • Receive a reminder e-mail 7 days prior to subscription renewal. Your subscription will automatically renew with your on-file payment method, if desired.
  • You can opt out of auto-renewal at any time, effectively canceling your subscription on its expiration date.


🗓️  Monthly Usage


  • Received an invoice once per month, and manually entered your payment information.
  • If left unpaid for ten days, your account was completely locked until the balance was paid.


  • Once per month, usage is automatically charged to your on-file payment method on the specified due date.
  • If automatic payment fails (e.g. due to an expired card), you can log in to your account to fix the payment information and pay off the balance.
  • If your balance is unpaid after ten days, you cannot operate on the air until the balance is paid off.
  • The day of the month on which you are billed may have changed since 2020 - it will now coincide with your subscription start date.


💵 Airtime Credit

Only applicable to accounts with a credit balance.


  • Individual credited usage line items would indicate that $0 is due.
  • Credit balance was updated after every connection.


  • All usage line items will show the subtotal amount, before any credit is applied.
  • Credit balance is updated once per month at the time of billing, possibly resulting in a $0 bill for that month.

So, what hasn't changed?

  • All existing plans and per-minute rates are the same.
  • You can pay with a credit card or PayPal account.
  • You can review all billing history and information from your RHR account.
  • You can upgrade your plan from your account at any time.